Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mixed Blood in Me.. Being a minority

I am Farra Arzami which is not my full name and that is how I identify. People may describe me however they might like, but the terms that are more accurate are mixed race, mixed blood, woman, female, Malaysian, student, writer,genuine, compassionate, stubborn, and almost certainly a few more that I do not mention here because of only one thing that I want to write of here.            

I may also be accurately described as Mixed Malay, Arabian, Mixed White, some call me mixed-Indian or Singh. As with the other descriptions I provided above, I do not identify as such things.
I am also said to be none of the above, depending on who you ask. The reason I identify as Farra Arzami which is more properly,  — is in part because of what I said, yet again, recently: identity is a zero sum game.

Compared to American ethnicity, usually a mixed blood child was pretty much made fun by other kids but it is different here in Malaysia. I noticed that people are amazed to know that if you are a mixed-race. I can simply said that I am 1/4 White, 2/4 Arabian,  and 1/4 Siamese,  and  I'm not ashamed of what i am even though my ethnicity would be pretty much questioned and i may be much differ than others.

I am thinking that being a minority is better than being a pure blood. I may also not fully accepted by the major ethnicity in the northern side in Malaysia as they might probably say that the white blood in me, especially, would give me more negative influences without considering the positive sides of me. For me, I do not think that blood influences your character and attitude, it is set in mind or taught by parents or teachers in school. It depends on us how we characterize ourselves.

What makes me different from the major ethnicity is that my rough skin texture and fairer complexion. I have brown eyes, brown hair and big bones, compared to the major ethnicity which is with softer skin texture , darker eyes, black hair, small bones with darker complexion.
Sometimes I am sick of people asking me who I am or the other word, what is my ethnicity.

I have Arabian and white blood from my mother's side in me as well as siamese and Arabian blood from my father's side. I do represent multiracial ethnicity but my look is more to my mother's side. To be specific, my late grandfather from my mother's side was half Arabian and half Afghan, and he married my grandmother Marie Berwick. For Berwick family, my late great grandfather John Berwick married my late great grandmother Nona Miles and they got my grandmother, Marie Berwick. Then Marie Berwick was married to my late grandfather, Ismail Amir Khan@ Ismail Babu with blood of half Arabian and half Afghan and they got my mother Marina Ismail. My mother then married my father which is can be considered as Siamese ( Malay blood he got  from his mother's side and Siamese blood he got from his father's side) and they got me and siblings ;Afique Arzami, Arief Arzami and Zulaiqha Arzami :)

the daily question people would ask   :D

People always saying that mixed children are healthier and beautiful. Beauty is relative. From my previous reading, mixed children may have health issues if the gene pool is too small. In extreme cases, they have the possibility to have albinoism and mental retardation. Having said that by having the same race parents, you are not necessarily having all the limited gene pool. Being of mixed race merely ensures that you don't have a limited gene pool. 


Whatever it is, I accept whoever I am, I love being the unidentified me :)

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