Friday, July 13, 2012

My Skin Problems

Lets talk about skin, 

This was me with visible pimples and dark scars even with make up applied on the face

dari jauh even foundation tebal pun still boleh nampak 

Or even closer

I started with clean, smooth and supple skin  but when i turned into 19 or 20, I had pimples all over my face ..sangatlah kasihan.. when people kept asking me what happened to my face

sounds teruk kan? 
my face skin turned into reddish sensitive skin and I got small acnes on my cheeks dan paling tak boleh diterima when the pimples grew on my nose, huh!
after that ada la pulak scars setempek kat hidung..
Since then i tak biarkan mereka bermaharajalela di muka,
so i pun picit lah

Because of the darker scars all over my face i have to use  foundation to cover the flaws
I still remember how i used to buy Secret brand foundation, it costed me only around RM18 something.
I really like the brand but then bila dah selesa, I was told by the WATSON's girl Secret dah bancrupt.
Then I used a lot of brands after that including Maybelline, Silky Girl, etc
just to get flawless skin.

Okay, balik kepada cerita asal, I HAD pimples all over my face
but now I GET my clean face back:))))
Sangat bahagia bila tengok cermin especially my cheeks dah licin balik, acnes dah beransur2 hilang.. Owww !

This is because , i drink a lot of plain water and I have changed my skin care set, I dont think I need to tell u guys the brand that I hooked to now. I bought it on March and now it is already July, However I planned to stop using the product. 
I dah berani not to apply makeup bila keluar rumah..almaklumlah my face dah jadi licin and flawless
Hmm..Jimat duit.. SEKIAN ** Happy**
THANK YOU TO *** (tetttt)

This is me now without pimples and scars :)

And this is me going out without make up..tadaaaa
(even this pic tak clear sangat, i am very sure you can tell the difference

ME without Makeup :)

cousin and buddy :)


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