Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saya & Makeup

Girls do talk about their favorite makeup products on their blogs - I'm always sucked in. Being that I used to be completely makeup challenged.To be honest, I would need help applying eye shadow..I love watching how models on TV are using and how they achieve a flawless face! Today, I thought I'd take a stab at it and share with you my makeup routine // favorite products...

1. Maybelline Mineral BB Mousse : It creates the perfect base for my makeup and makes my skin looks flawless and soft. The bottle doesn't last as long as it looks like it would, but for ++RM 52.00 you just can't beat it.I bought it at Guardian but i would suggest you to shop at Watson as it's much cheaper.

2. Light Silky Girl Concealer : It is only RM19.90 . So cancel your lunch plan and go buy this stuff. This product works just as good as the price is. I use this to cover my scar or flaw before applying compact powder on the face. Or you can cover the ugly eye bag of yours!

3. Lancome Pressed Powder Dark : This one is just quite expensive but i could rather spend more on my make up set compared to other stuffs . I am very sure that no one of us want damaged skin right? Okay the reason why im using Lancome Compact Powder because it is long lasting, makes your skin goes flawless. I would go for dark tones as i want my skin to have a few tones on it.

4. in2it trishadow : Black or dark-colour eyeshadow is the most i love. I think it suits my needs to expose the shape of my medium-sized eyes. For this in2it brand, I just cant avoid wasting any colour of them because im using the three colours, the white one is to cover my eye bags as i have english and western asia blood flowing in me, usually we cant avoid the dark area under eyes:(

5. Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eye Liner : It only cost me Rm19.90 to get sharper eye-look. Eye liner is the most important thing to me as I apply it almost all the time and i have to make sure that the quality of the eye liner satisfies me. I initially started using liners way back in high school. After I reached 18, I changed it into liquid liners and favored with felt tip ends. When I started to get more into make up, I tried out gel liners and see how it goes with me. Until I found Maybelline Eye studio Gel Liner, I really in love it and i've been using it since January, 2011.

6. Revlon Grow Luscious : Im not really sure of its price but i think i bought it at RM32.90 at Guardian Pharmacy. I dont bother much on mascara as I feel like their success or failure is very dependent on the type of lashes you have. I only use it randomly but I just love everything about Revlon. I used to use in2it and Silky Girl mascara before but they just can't beat Revlon's especially in terms of the dryness.I have short and thin lashes so this Revlon mascara helps me to lengthen and thicken my lashes.

7. Simplycity Vintage Pink. This is so-my-favourite blusher. I bought it at 32.90 after discount at Watson Pharmacy, I think the normal price is RM39.90. The colour is so natural and more to brownish red tones. This is what I prefer for blusher because I do not want my cheeks turn into red cheeks of clowns:P My skin is so sensitive. , I cant use other than Simplicity brand if it comes to blusher. Some other brands may become oily so it may enhance the growth of acnes. Simplicity really helps me with excellent quality blusher of it and it makes me wanna buy it again and again.

8. Revlon-Cherish ME RED : This is my FAVOURITE STUFF so far.. I love the red daring colour, It is long lasting, makes you feel confident. It wont dry your lips and stays well on your lips. I always reapply it throughout the day as it is smooth. Other colour that attracts me much is Nude colour from ZA. The colour is so natural-looked and I think it is affordable too. I bought ZA nude colour for only 37.90.

9.LipIce Sheer Colour : This is the stuff that always rescues me when my lips dry in my daily air-conditionered-class. It also gives a natural pink stain on lips. It is just looks kike your lips but better. If we apply more, it can give more pinkish red lips. What is good about this Lipice Sheer Colour, it contained Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E that are good for your lips.

These are the stuffs that i keep in my make up bag, what about you ? (:

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