Saturday, November 24, 2012

Well, I voted for Hanis Zakikha :Flavour Election 23 November 2012


As I told you guys I will be there for Flavor Election,
Well, I voted for Hanis Zalikha there. 
so here are the photos of Flavor Election by Baskin Robbins 
that was held on 23rd of November 2012 at Publika
They were taken by me, not many but enough.
Well i was working that day so I didnt have much time to take so many pictures 
like a qualified photograph.. you know

Lets check 'em out

This is me, was about to start the journey as an event crew
My job was to manage the registration of the public

with An Jill and Priscilla, other event crews

People around the stage

New Friend ; Izah
i was about to smile but i was ready suddenly the photographer pressed camera's button already
haha, this was what happened

Chloe and her friend

Until now i cant spell his name, he's a friend of mine while doing the Chipsmore event with Chloe:)

This is KY, one of the candidates, he is so friendly you know
check his blog out KYSpeaks
Will follow ur blog ater this KY:)

and what was Joyce doing here with the guy, you supposed to promote  your campaign,
anyway she was cool with the dress during the night
Please check her blog KinkyBlueFairy out

This pic was taken far away from the registration table where I was standing

This is the owner of Proud Duck'S Blog 
Dont forget to check her blog out too !

Liang was announcing the winner

 They were nervous to wait for the winner

Before that I was at behind the stage to calculate all the votes made by you guys. I can see that many want Hanis Zalikha to win. However the votes were not enough to beat Proudduck.

So the winner is

you know what that means?

her campaign and promises for the whole year starting Monday which is
free upsize with purchase of Double Junior Scoops Ice Cream


Starting from next year we can enjoy the free upsize with every purchase of Double Junior Scoops Ice Cream as promised by her.

P/S : To Hanis Zalikha dont be sad, If only you were there I'm very sure that you would be the winner
BTW Congratulations to all candidates.

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