Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lets vote for Hanis Zalikha ;Flavour Election Baskins Robbins

Which flavor will rule Malaysia?

Tomorrow, 23rd Nov 2012, I will join an event by Baskin Robbins
which is Baskin Robbins ada Flavour Election. 
Kalau anda minat Hanis Zalikha jangan lupe mengundi beliau esok

So basically ada 5 bloggers have been representing the 5 BR ice cream flavours 
and each flavour ada their own campaign promises ya.

So the 5 top bloggers yang terlibat bersama janji dan kempen mereka adalah

Hanis Zalikha : World Class Chocolate
Promise: Free Toppings when you purchase Double Scoops Ice Cream

Kinky Blue Fairy : Jamoca Almond Fudge
Promise: Mini Waffle Sundae @ RM9.90+

KY Speaks : Very Berry Strawberry
Promise: 31% off waffle berry sundaes

Proudduck : Pralines ‘n Cream
Promise: Free Upsize with purchase of Double Junior Scoops Ice Cream

Sixth Seal : Cookies ‘n Cream
Promise: Buy 1 Blast,2nd Blast 50% off

So the following will be the Tentative Programme :

you can click the links below that will bring you directly to your favorite bloggers and their promises and campaigns :

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