Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thoughts on Marriage

Dear blog,(an old entry but just get published)

I'm getting older each year, I am not happy with it. Who will btw???
And at this age, I sepatutnya dah mula fikir pasal you know.. marriage.. 
Yes, I have mentioned this to my friends, my clicks, tapi bukan dari hati. I mean like I tak ready lagi, you know, to be a wife and a mother is always a long way to go for me. Mr. Pumpkin je yang selalu ready, what is best about him, dia selalu tunggu I ready. 

I love you, thanks sebab banyak sabar dengan I :,)

Kenapa I tak ready? well.. 
Hmm..I think I'm still young, mungkin because I'm the eldest     daughter to my parents,to my family, so there is no pressure at all plus I baru habis study, I belum kerja dan belum enjoy my single life, I takut commitment sebab benda kawen ni tak boleh dibuat memain, once u step into that world, you tak boleh patah balik. Tak sama macam bercinta, tak suka je boleh breakup. Marriage means you share everything with your partner, for me like you will lose your privacy, bangun tido je, nahh it's your husband lying next to you. Tak sama macam masa you single, bangun tido no one kat sebelah you, boleh golek-golek jatuh katil who cares.

But the other side of me thinking..
Like one of my clicks Izyan Ghazali said to me: 
''kahwin untuk menyelamatkan kau, bukan merosakkan kau"
I guess she was right. Thank you for your religious thought, kawan. In Islam, hidup di dunia bukan untuk enjoy, dari apa yang I pernah baca, hidup adalah penjara bagi orang Islam, tapi syurga bagi orang bukan Islam. The quote had made me think twice about my first thought on marriage.

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