Thursday, May 16, 2013

Questions & Answers During Interviews

These are the questions that usually asked during interviews , followed by the best answers that I can give. However, these are my answers, so your answers would probably differ from mine.

1. What is your greatest strength?

-My greates strength is my personality. I have a positive aura where I can easily convince people. I am good in communication too. I never have problem when it comes to blend with people and I can always make a great team.
I am excellent in time management , efficient and I am known as a workaholic. I work with quality, I do prioritize the quality of my job. Just give me any problems, well I can think of their solutions.

2. What is your greatest weekness?

-As I prioritize the quality of my work, I do not want it to be done just to meet the deadlines, I rather work on the quality of it so I usually tend to spend little too much time checking it. To come to a good balance of it, I choose to finish the project well ahead of schedule. I am not a well-organized person but with implementing a well-time-management must have helped me a lot in being well-organized.
3. How do you handle stress and pressure?
-From a personal perspective, I would have rather avoid it than to face it. For me, the environment and surrounding becomes stressful when the deadlines are approaching. I usually try to bend over backward to finish my work well ahead of schedule to avoid stress. However if the stress is still there, I will calm down and try to react to the situation and ignore the stress and pressure. This is when I have to prioritize my responsibilities, focus and get the job done.
4. Why did you leave your job?
-Other than the reason that I am relocating to this area due to family circumstances, I could not find any room for my carrier growth with my previous employer. I found it bored and I was unhappy. I am an excellent worker so I do not want this to stop my carrier growth, besides I could not hunt for job and attending interviews when I was still working, So this is why I left my previous job. 
5. Why do you want this job?

- I think this is a fine opportunity where I can start my carrier. I do not think that it is neessary to work with a company that is related to what I was studying, but with my working experiences, I was exposed in quite a number of working environments so I can say that I am quite tough in whatever environment is. I well understand that this is a company that is on a way up and I really want to be apart of it.

6. Why should we hire you?

- I am not only a fresh gradute, I have many types of working experiences and I am a fresh graduate with a new spirit and determination. My workaholism was proved during my study and I have known as a hardworking student during my universities days and I never miss any deadlines before. As long as I am enjoy working I will give my 100% commiment.

7. What are your goals for the future?

- I would like stay within a company that I can continue to learn and improve myself as well as contributing to the company and I can see myself on top, in a well established company. I plan to improve my skills in professional profession.

8. Tell me more about yourself

- I can be considered as a fresh graduate in Bac (Hons) Material Tecnnology.  but with few working experiences. I love to work and blend with people, whenever I have free and enough time, I will work where most of the time I work as a Part-timer. Working and studying at the same time had trained me to manage time wisely and improve myself a lot on how I handle myself in pressure condition. And what is best about my self is my curiosity, I love to learn new things and take new challenge just to improve the quality in me

I'm a people person. I can work in team and working under various environments and this is my way to improve myself. I'm a perfectionist. I pay attention to all the details, and like to be sure that everything is just right.

9. What are your salary expectations?

I think that I need more info about this job and it's responsibilities before we can discuss the salary. But it would be better if you can give  me a clear idea of the salary range budgeted for this position.

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