Thursday, December 13, 2012

I miss them :(

It has been a year or more..
But I can't never forget the day
Mom and Dad's divorce
I miss the old days when we were happy
I miss them
But I realized nothing could bring them back
I can still remember how it felt to see Dad's teary-eyed 
I do not blame Mom, I understand why she did ask for this
But I can never know how to get through this
I cried when my 16 years old sister told me what was gonna happen
But I thought that was gonna be the last tears I cried
But it was not..
I was kinda rebel, I worked hard, stayed away from my family and my siblings that I care so much
Now I just realized that,it's not only me
My siblings are going through the same thing too
I'm sorry for being selfish
I just wanted to wash away the pain inside me
I know one day when I'm stronger enough,
I would make a change to the family
I promise..

Mom, Dad
I miss the old u..
I miss us
I want my family back :,(

and why do I still cry............ 

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