Monday, October 22, 2012

Why do we need a scale

Why we need a scale?
Not having replace my broken scale was one of the major factors , I gained too much weight.
Some just stick to " Hey I don't know what i weigh and i just fine with that"
but not me even i used to, it did not work at all.
After having my new scale, I lost 7kg like what i always told u guys.

I was never succeed with any of my own diet programs before but this time i think it is for real, i really need to reduce my weight and need to be fit. I found that one main reason that contributes to the failure is that I don't understand what a healthy diet is all about. Like some others may think, I think that diet is skipping meals. It did work for only a temporary loss of 2-3 kg. If we talk about supplement or fat burners, i have tried all those things, just name the brands. At the end of the day, i believe that those stuffs wont be helpful if u do not plan a proper and healthy diet and if u don't work out ! :)

Hey, I love my scale and I weigh myself most of the time if i have a chance to. As I'm still on diet, I need to know whether my diet plan is still successfully in the progress. So my weight will always be under-controlled. So I think this is the reason why you need to have your own scale in your own room and it should be a digital scale ya!  and don't ever forget to work out.

All the best to you

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