Sunday, August 5, 2012

Result dah keluar !!

I got good news, I mean the best news ever in my life..

I got straight A's, means 4 Flat :,)
Only Allah SWT knows how happy I am..
Paling seronok tengok my family happy, Ilove you Mom, Dad :,)
Thanks to everyone yang banyak berdoa untuk saya this semester,
my family, loved one, cousin, friends.. I love you guys damn much !
until now I still cant believe, is it real?? huhu 
HAPPY!! :,)

Hati berbunga-bunga :)


  1. wow, congratzzzzz!!! what course are u taking??? just curious/// :)

  2. tq dear:,)
    im a final year student of Bac(Hons)of material science and technology:)