Friday, September 28, 2012

Final Semester :,)

So this semester is my final semester,

It's kinda hectic semester with a final year project to accomplish with 2 more papers that I need to pay more attention at. 

I'm still considering whether I should apply for any job or i should persue my master.

Plus I'm working so hard to lose weight as I was putting on extra weight since the last raya. Well, I had gained 6kg for only a month, can u imagine that, friends? 

Urrgghh this is the most complicated part where I should get back my original size or even smaller. 

Study hard and at the same time work hard to reduce my weight, I need to stay healthy all the time and eat good food.
However I pray to Allah S.W.T so that all my plans are going on as planned. 
Ameeeenn :)

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