Saturday, March 9, 2013

Interviews.. Interviews

After examination had ended, before I got my examination result, I applied for so many positions.
Saja nak try atas advice orang yang lebih berpengalaman, apply je banyak-banyak then pergilah interview tu so that I can have a lot of experiences of being interviewed.

So I pun apply lah and yes I received so many calls , suruh attend interviews. At first I was like.. besttt nyee.. orang lain x dapat I dah dapat dah. But then sampai lah my 8th interview call, I dah muak, dah takut, sampai I tak pickup any unknown numbers pun. Haha :D
Kawan-kawan takda pun pegi interview, I dah rasa takut kenapa I je yang dapat.

Tambahan pulak every interview offers I update kat Facebook and Twitter. My posts had frightened many of my friends yang tak dapat any interview calls lagi. Then I received a lot of messages in my FB inbox requesting my resume as a reference to them.

So taknak jadi kedekut, I share everything with anyone yang mintak, siap bagi tips semua.

I think my next entry I will share all the resume and interview tips okay? BTW I dapat 4 job offers out of 8 interview offers yang I had attended only 5 interviews.

The last interview tak dapat pergi so I cancelled with the company sebab I decided to accept the job offered by Kruvent Industries which I am working now :) I started the job betul-betul lepas dapat result. However I am glad that I got the permanent job faster because I am sick of working parttimely like before.

Next entry will be the tips okay. These tips I harap dapat share with all my friends yang belum kerja.

see ya :)


  1. Heard from a friend that Kruvent prefer to hire female employee, is that true?

    I am applying the position of mechanical engineer in Kruvent. Do you know the working environment of that department?

    1. yes, you can email me your resume if you want to , I will print and pass to them :)